Learning to Teach

Since I started homeschooling about 2 years ago, the journey has already taken me through many rough patches, and taught me so much more than I expected. I’ve been struggling with feeling overwhelmed, and just trying to get my stuff together. I thought, if I could just get more organized! I need a schedule, bullet points…. until just recently it dawned on me (thanks to the Lord’s patient teaching) maybe being more organized ISN’T what I need. I thought about it. The days where I was like ‘ok, here’s my schedule, here is exactly all the things we are going to do’, on those days I felt 10 times more stressed. Half way through the day I would feel like a complete failure because our schooling did NOT go as planned, my overwhelmed brain made me snippy and yell at my kids, and overall I just felt defeated.

So I tried it a different way, and on the days when I purposefully ignored the clock and just went with the flow of our day, I actually felt successful. I felt like we had accomplished a good school day. For example: ok, we just finished breakfast. Lets go sing some of our songs (ABC’s, Days of the Week, etc.) and look at the calendar. Then we do some of our curriculum and learn about cows. After that I feel a little stressed because of a naughty two year old, and a baby who is always getting into my stuff. So I take a break, letting the kids free play while I eat some chocolate behind a locked door. Then my 5 year old asks to practice on his reading website, so I say sure! Because I’m going with the flow. Plus he’s asking to learn, so that’s a no brainer decision. While he does that, I decide to see where my 4 year old is at with her letters, so we practice flashcards. My two year old joins in, and that’s fine. After that I do some housework, and make lunch. I decide to do a little project to help my 5 year old with his numbers, and it’s easy enough so I let my kids help me with the project. And the baby was napping. After that, we listen to a couple chapters of an audiobook, then it’s rest time. We don’t have a strict schedule, none of it was planned out, and the kids learned! It’s a simple idea yet revolutionary for our house.

The Lord created us to have many different personalities and many different ways of doing things. That is true diversity. Some people are very organized, and when they have a flow chart, they do better with their work. Other people, like me, need to NOT try to have a flow chart or strict schedule. We work better when we take things as they come, because we are wired differently, and that’s ok! Neither way is WRONG. That’s the beautiful thing about homeschooling, it shows you that there’s many different ways to learn. There is freedom to teach and to learn in a way that fits your family, that fits your personality and your kids’ personalties and learning styles. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a reflection of God’s creativity in how He made us.


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