Sourdough Sweet Potato Pancakes

I was really torn on what to make this week for my sourdough recipe. I eventually went with what I had in mind originally, sweet potato pancakes. I had never heard of such a thing until a few weeks ago, when our friendly neighborhood grocer suggested it to me. My kids and I love sweet potatoes (notice I left out my husband) so I figured at least 5 out of 6 of us would probably love having them in pancakes! The sourdough part was something I added on because I thought, why not? I was hoping it would enhance the flavor.


So as I do with all my sourdough recipes, I started it the night before. I used this recipe here as a base, only I substituted brown sugar for the coconut sugar (why is that a thing?). This is what my batter looked like right after mixing.






I covered it up and said Goodnight, and left it till morning, and this is what it looked like then. By the way, this is one of my little helpers. Isn’t she cute?

But also notice all the BUBBLES in my batter. This is usually a good thing, but in this case the yeast had completely overwhelmed the batter, leaving little room for other flavors. Sad face.

You can almost see the yeast holding up little signs that say ‘OCCUPY PANCAKE BATTER’.

I went ahead and cooked them anyway,  but I knew something was off about these already.

The kids said they tasted good, which was nice. For me, though, each bite was filled with a sour taste, and no trace of sweet potato.

But that’s how we learn, right? Making mistakes. My mistake was treating the pancake batter the same as bread-dough. So less ‘rise’ time for pancake batter in the future is a must.

Next week I’m hoping for much more of a success to write about! Here’s a clue, it’s a bread product that’s twisted and salty!

Until next time…



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