Sourdough Pretzels

Last week my kids helped me make a new sourdough recipe, pretzels! I used the recipe here from King Arthur Flour. I love their website, they have such good tips and recipes for bread baking.

For starters (ha!) I got my sourdough starter going by adding some flour and water to a bit of my refrigerated “mother”. Sounds kind of creepy, but that’s what it’s called. After a couple of hours, I added the rest of the ingredients listed in the recipe, and let it sit on the counter overnight.



In the morning, the kids and I got to work rolling out the dough.

Such a beautiful lump of dough, isn’t it? So much potential!









This was actually more fun than stressful, having the kids help me. Sometimes it’s the other way around!



I just told them to roll the dough into really long snakes, like with play dough.



My youngest one is just playing with some extra dough. He wants to join the fun too!

Next, Mommy (that’s me) used her mad skills to twist the dough into a pretzel shape, like so.


   Ok, so maybe I don’t have mad skills, but this IS my first time making pretzels!

After salting and baking them, I brushed them with melted butter, and added more salt.

In conclusion, I thought they were tasty, my husband said they needed some more salt. And some cheese dip. Oh yes, next time there will be cheese dip! And maybe I’ll through some jalapeno’s in the dough.

Next week I’ll be writing about another simple “cultured” food to make at home, yogurt!

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God bless,



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