Kid Food

Easy Homemade Ice Cream

The definition of insanity famously given by Albert Einstein is to do the exact same thing repeatedly, expecting a different result. That’s kind of how I am with doing projects with the kids. I keep telling myself it’ll be fun, the kids will learn, and we’ll have a great time enjoying the experience together. I couldn’t even finish writing that without laughing out loud! Because each time I try to do some fun project with the kids there’s at least one tantrum (sometimes from me), there’s always a mess, and by the end I’m feeling the stress.

But honestly I think I continue to do it because it is fun for them, more so than it is for me. Sometimes I have just as much fun. I do it for love! Which brings me to our most recent project: homemade ice cream.

I came acrossed a tutorial of how to make ice cream in mason jars (mason jars.. I know right?) and it looked “easy” enough so I thought we could give it a try. You can find the tutorial here.

First, we pour 1 cup of heavy whipping cream into our standard sized mason jars. Next we added 1 tsp of vanilla, and 2 Tblsp sugar to each. Then we screwed the lids on tightly, and shook the jars for 5 minutes.


The kids shook their jars for much longer than I expected them to, but I still had to help them in turns.

After the five minutes was up, it still seemed to runny for me, so I poured them all into my mixer and mixed it for a few more minutes. Next, I poured the mix back into each jar evenly, and had the kids put in their extras.

The boys chose chocolate chips
My girls used our freshly picked mulberries

Finally, I popped them all in the freezer for about 4 hours. The results, I would say, were successful. The kids loved having their own personal ice creams, that THEY made! I thought it was pretty tasty too. I will say that the consistancy was a little different from your usual store bought ice cream, which I think had to do with being a little runny to begin with, and the fact that it wasn’t churned as it froze, like in an ice cream maker.


So give it a try this summer! It’s fun, even with kids, I promise!





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