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Overnight Sourdough Loaves *Italian-Herb Flavored*

One of my favorite things about making bread is the simplicity. As long as you have flour, salt, yeast, and water, you can make some delicious carbs! I've been posting a few things about sourdough, but I haven't posted one of my most basic recipes. So here it is! Italian-herb flavored sourdough bread. This is… Continue reading Overnight Sourdough Loaves *Italian-Herb Flavored*

Bread · Cultured Food

Breakfast Bread

Hello, friends. It's been a couple weeks since I have posted anything, so I'm here today to write about a delicious invention. I love to make bread, and I wanted to do something different for our church's Easter Breakfast. So I looked online and took a few ideas here and there from different recipes, and… Continue reading Breakfast Bread